Wooden Plates

Handmade wooden plates, made from maple or walnut wood, turned into magnificent energized pieces with specific graphic designs and initiated by the purpose.

You can use the plate as it is, and place it near you while you are doing your rituals. That way it will magnify your connection and flow in the specific ritual.

You can place it anywhere in your home as a decoration as well, and it will fill the room with its energy, let it be harmony, love, protection, or anything else.

If your rituals include other accessories, like crystals, incense sticks, statues, or candles, you can use those with the plate as well. Sometimes I use a plate as it is, and sometimes I use it with a set of crystals, based on what I want to achieve that day or where I need support the most.

Incense sticks or candles are recommended to be placed near the plate, not directly on it.

Remember, the one that attracts you the most is usually the one you need at this moment in life ♡

Materials used

We have a great respect for Mother Earth and its resources. With this in mind we only collaborate with small craftsmen, who are working in environmentally sustainable ways. The wood used for the plates comes from the green heart of Europe, a small country called Slovenia. Slovenia comes in third place in the European Union, just after Sweden and Finland, in percentage of forest cover (source).

Handmade wooden plates

All plates are handmade and coated with natural plant-based oil to preserve the properties of the wood. Because wood is a natural living source, it comes in all shapes and colors, which makes every plate unique. Please bear in mind, the plates on the photographs and the plates you get might vary a little.

Slovenian forest