Set of 7 Chakras

Set of seven chakra small wooden plates

Normally you would want a complete set of all seven chakras, since you want to work on opening them and strengthening their flow.

I recommend the set of seven small plates, either you are an individual or a spiritual center, as you can use all of them at once, or you work with each separately and more thoroughly.

For instance, you are an individual. You find out that some of your chakras are blocked. You can work with those chakras plates extensively for some time, until they are open. Or another example. You have a Christmas dinner with your wider family, which always ends up with anger or sadness. You could use the heart chakra plate and throat chakra plate for a few days before the dinner, so your communication is smooth, loving, and kind.

You are a spiritual center. You may use heart chakra plates with some rituals, where you want your participants to connect with their inner child. You may use a third eye chakra plate and crown chakra plate with the rituals, where your participants are experiencing astral travelling or want to get cosmic answers. You may use a root chakra plate, sacral chakra plate and solar plexus chakra plate for participants struggling with their self-esteem, self-confidence, their will, ungrounded ideas or making it through life.