Blueprints for flowers and plants

Laser engraving and cutting is a popular method to produce nice 3D objects using just 2d cutouts of the flat planes. The base can be various solid natural materials like cardboard or wood, but it can also be plexi glass or normal glass if you have a stronger laser. We have also seen metal cutouts done by professional laser machines.

While we do produce our own built products, and we certainly test all of them in real life, we have decided to provide plans and cutout blueprints, so that you can build a perfect gift yourself. You can use laser, or you can simply print the paper and glue it on the other surface so that you can cut it out with your own hand. That way the product will have even more value.

Plans contents

All our plans contain vector based graphic files of individual parts. We also include a completed product image, and a short assembly instructions along with our preferred settings for various materials. The plans are meant for your personal use and please do contact us if you wish to engage in a production and sales.