Finally the end of Mercury Retrograde

Feb 21, 2021
2 min read
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Did you feel confused lately? Frustrated, impatient, misunderstood, nothing happened as expected…? Yup, that could be an effect of Mercury Retrograde. But luckily that occurrence has ended and now we are in the full blossom of creativity, action, moving forward with its peak on the Full Moon, 27th February. So, what exactly happened?

When Mercury is in retrograde, there can be problems with communication in all forms. Usually, that means delayed mail, undelivered packages, tense conversations, like someone would push all of your buttons at the same time. This is not a good time to sign any formal documents. On the other hand, Mercury Retrograde gives you time to think about yourself, your relationships, your career, hobbies, family. This is a great time to reflect on what you have currently in life and where something needs to change. The catch is you need to be calm enough on the inside to not be overrun by outside chaos. So, when a mother-in-law pushes your button, you don’t overreact and get crazy, but think about why you feel discomfort, where this pattern comes from, and how to heal it :)

The retrograde Mercury is gone, now what? Now is the perfect time to get everything done. Roll up your sleeves, complete what you started, you can start with new projects, and set the basis for new, better relationships.

Good luck and let’s get moving!